How much should you eat for dinner?

How much should you eat for dinner

Are you a person concerned about the quantity of food to be taken in a day in order to obtain optimal health?  To maintain a healthy eating habit one needs to know three basic facts: what to eat when is the right time to eat and how much food you should eat?

An average human being should eat enough food which can supply 500 to 700 calories to the body for dinner. Being ignorant about the amount of calories to be consumed at each meal, there are some people who tend to consume too much food at night before going to bed.

Since dinner is generally the largest meal of the day, you want to make sure you’re getting an adequate amount of protein, carbohydrates, veggies, and healthy fats on your plate. This might look like a power bowl filled with four ounces of salmon, half a cup of brown rice, and two cups of broccoli cooked in one tablespoon of olive oil,” which would be around 500 calories.This balance not only keeps us feeling fuller longer, but it also allows us to nourish our bodies with essential nutrients.

Benefits of eating dinner

You will be amazed when you come to know about the benefits of eating a healthy dinner at the right time. The major advantages of having dinner are –  reduces the risk of cancer and the challenges posed by obesity, induces better sleep enhances the mood and energy level of the human body and helps in improving digestion and heart health.

Having lunch just before going to bed not only affects sleep but also slows up metabolism and increases the blood sugar level. Therefore, allow your body to imbibe all the essential nutrients supplied during dinner by generating the habit of eating dinner before your body prepares for sleep by producing melatonin.

What happens if I skip dinner?

Owing to the hectic schedule and personal reasons, there are many people who tend to skip dinner. There is another category that believes that skipping dinner would help them to lose weight. But, missing out on dinner on a regular basis will make people fatigued and unhealthy. It results in the slowing down of metabolic activities and reduces the presence of necessary nutrients required for the proper functioning of the human body. 

Moreover, the body would struggle to perform the activities of repair and restoration of body tissues and conversion of proteins into muscles during sleep, when there is no supply of nutrients. It also causes gastric and digestive issues, which make you feel irritated and affects your mental health. Therefore, consuming the right portion of dinner at the right time is highly important for leading a healthy life.

How much should I eat for dinner to lose weight?

If you are planning to shed kilos then, fill your plate with food that can supply between 500 and 700 calories. To put in another word, half of your plate should be splendid with green, leafy vegetables, a quarter of it should be reserved for grains and starchy vegetables and the remaining quarter should be occupied with meat or seafood. 

Those who take a burger instead of a plate of grains, leafy vegetables and meat would consume more calories and start putting on weight. Therefore, get a grip on the quantity of calories that you take for dinner if you are intending to lose weight.

Recent research has revealed that there is a strong connection between the time of consuming meals and losing weight. Consuming dinner early would help the body get good sleep and thus control the hormonal changes that deter weight loss. 

5 dinner food for weight loss

Preparing a balanced meal for your supper at home is the first step for the healthy management of your body weight. Proteins, veggies, grains and healthy fat should find space in your diet. Here are some of the dishes you can include in your dinner list in order to lose weight.

Grilled salmon with sweet chilli sauce and salad. 

Grilled salmon with sweet chilli sauce and salad

Make sure that the fish is not salted or greased with olive oil. As butter and olive can increase the total calorie intake it is advisable to avoid both. Vegetables such as cucumber, carrot and tomato can be chosen for making a salad.

Veggie burger

Veggie burger

Make a delicious burger with fresh vegetables from the local farmers’ market. You can use a whole wheat bun for the preparation. This combo will nourish you with all the necessary nutrients and contain fewer calories.

Brown rice with chicken curry and spinach salad

Brown rice with chicken curry and spinach salad

This could be the perfect, balanced combo one could ever imagine. It is composed of a good amount of proteins, grains and leafy vegetables. The spinach salad becomes healthier by the addition of carrots, tomatoes and unsalted canned beans.

Tofu with curried quinoa

Tofu with curried quinoa

Tofu and quinoa are generally considered as the best healthy choices for the human body. Quinoa is fibre rich and helps in easy digestion. Tofu provides a sufficient amount of calories and contains no saturated fat.

Soba noodles with spicy cucumber

Soba noodles with spicy cucumber.

Soba or buckwheat is a great substitute for white pasta as it contains fewer calories than the latter. It is a rich source of vitamin B, fibre and proteins. 

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Amidst the busy schedule, invest some quality time to plan and prepare healthy food for yourself. Unhealthy eating habits let lifestyle diseases overpower you. Hence, have a controlled and timely diet chart to improve your health and life.

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